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The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.
Yves Saint-Laurent

Make-up – is an art to emphasize the beauty of an individual person and to make the preceding work to be unnoticed.

Perfect make-up will make your eyes are so attractive and expressive, that you will be able to attract any attention. It is necessary to know the differences between evening and daytime make-up. As the daytime make-up is irrelevant at the party, the evening make-up totally unacceptable for business meetings as well:

  • daytime make-up - restrained, with a light color nuances;
  • evening make-up - more juicy and contrasting.

The real weapon of woman - the weapon of seduction, consists of lipstick, boxes of colored shadows, mascara, pencils, brushes, bottles with creams and many, many other things. But to achieve the necessary result you should be able to competently use all of them, to be well-versed in the types of cosmetics, different technics and types of make-up. But the main thing - to love yourself! Then the make-up becomes a tool that affects to men's heart.

The competent make-up - it creativity, but in order to achieve a charming result, requires boldness and knowledge of the basic rules of make-up:

  • МакияжBasic rule - not to harm.
  • Do not forget about moderation.
  • Individuality - your advantage.
  • Develop your skills.
  • Be objective.
  • Dot not be afraid of change.

In fact a good make-up - it an appropriate make-up.

There are several basic types of make-up:

  • daytime make-up;
  • evening, solemn, podium make-up;
  • photo make-up;
  • wedding make-up, requiring high quality execution.

Daytime make-up – it is a kind of make-up for everyday and business days. Here it is used soft and pastel colors and should be respected moderation in the use of cosmetics. This type of make-up looks simple: carefully designed eyebrows, slightly tinted eyes, a little rouge on cheeks and a light gloss on lips. You look well-groomed, fresh, glamorous and in natural way.

In evening make-up there are more colors and imagination. It is designed for artificial lighting. In the performance of the evening make-up cosmetics should be used over dense, the colors are brighter and more saturated. Evening make-up for the light-flooded banquet hall is different then evening make-up for nightclub with neon lighting and you should not to forget it.

МакияжSolemn make-up – for special occasions. Bright and festive, it prepares you for a special festive atmosphere. All your appearance and attire must be planned to the smallest details. Remember, will professionally made solemn make-up you will be not unnoticed.

Wedding make-up - is the pinnacle of skill make-up artist! Only a very experienced and knowledgeable expert will be able to combine the requirements of daytime, evening and holiday make-up, which will emphasize the solemnity of the moment. In this case, wedding make-up should have the durability and longevity. And, of course, be unique and special for each bride. Wedding make-up, executed by the hand of master, harmoniously will unite your dress, accessories, hairstyle and will sound in unison with your mood.


The art of make-up will help you conquer the world!
Only a professional make-up artist will create a result that exceeds your expectations!
Be creative and ready for changes!




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