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Permanent make-up

Are you dreaming to change the color and shape of your lips or give them the volume?

You don't have perfect shape eyebrows - it can be solved easily. We will change the shape of your eyebrows, give a bright color or make thicker and neater.

Your eyes are not expressive enough? All is fixable! In modern world - modern technology. Everything is possible with permanent make-up.

Permanent make-up - what does it mean?

This is a make-up for a long term. The first technology appeared at the end of 70th, through the creation of special equipment and special pigments. However, the art of tattooing is deeply rooted in antiquity. There is evidence of the existence of these techniques in all known civilizations in all continents from time immemorial.

перманентный макияжThe time, during which the qualitative result remains, depends on several components. Such as:

  • composition of pigments;
  • the depth of implantation;
  • individual reactions to pigments.

The main purpose of permanent make-up is to create the main lines of make-up, to simplify application of make-up or in some cases to replace it. With permanent make-up it is possible not only to correct any defects on the face, but also to return lost beauty or to achieve more correct outlines of eyebrows, lips or eyes (to remove visible asymmetry, improve color and shape)

There are two types of permanent make-up:

  • close to the natural shape and color;
  • decorative - the effect of make-up.

The main advantages of permanent make-up:

  1. You are attractive at any time even in the morning!
  2. Unplanned party will not be for you dilemma.
  3. You will always stand out from others on the beach or in the pool.
  4. Your lover will remember only you, not your make-up...
  5. Modern woman has too less time for herself.

Permanent make-up can save a lot of free time.

перманентный макияж

Do you have any doubts, which can stop you before ideal procedure?

If you decided to do permanent make-up, make sure you have chosen the right master. If your choice is wrong, you might have such problems as:

  • wrong color;
  • unevenly contour;
  • instead of improving the shape, make the deficiencies more noticeable;
  • bad colors;
  • out-of-date equipment.

Not qualitatively made permanent make-up looks unnatural, it can't add beauty and charm, but it will only require correction. The result can be unpredictable with bad colors. The out-of-date equipment can damage the skin. All these troubles can and should be avoided by contacting only proven beauty salon, previously to discuss all necessary questions with your master and visually to estimate her or his work. The desire to save time and money can lead to re-correcting procedure.


перманентный макияжWhat is permanent make-up - it is a cosmetic technique (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble make-up, such as eye lining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, eyelids and eyebrows. The term of permanent make-up is from 5 to 7 years.

In the process of permanent make-up it is used tools of modern anesthetics, which almost completely eliminates the pain. In particular for lips it is used injections of anesthesia (dental), for permanent make-up eyes and eyebrows - special gels. All procedures guarantee maximum comfort - you absolutely will not feel any pain.

The entire procedure takes time (1.5 - 2 hours). As with any intervention in the human body, permanent make-up procedure requires a sterile environment as well. Do not be afraid of infection. In our Beauty Salon it is used only sterile tools. In case of inflammation after the procedure, it can be fault of clients only if the recommendations of master were not considered.

Permanent make-up differs from the usual tattoo - it is not temperate. In permanent make-up it is used colors which dissolve in time. There are a lot of differentiations of colors and each woman can find the exact color which she wants.

In this sphere there are no any fashionable trends. The main criteria of choosing the color is your personal desire and its compliance with you natural looking. We will offer you a wide selection of colors and shades.



Permanent make-up lips (lip tattoo, lip line)

перманентный макияжTo change the shape of the lips, if you are not satisfied with your nature shape or it does not suit you or you want to remove any defects, all this is possible with permanent make-up. You can make lips bigger, smooth and symmetrical. You can fill entire lips - color will be used not only for the outer edge of the lips, but also directly to the entire surface. In the first case, the lips will look as you used lip pencil to outline it, but you have not put a lipstick yet.

If you don't want to have such effect, the procedure of filling entire lips is really for you. With this procedure you can change the color of your lips - to make more bright and juicy. You don't need to apply lipstick, only lip gloss. But if you prefer different colors of the lipstick, depending on clothes or makeup, the color for filling should be chosen closer to the natural color of your lips. The permanent make-up lips has one big enemy - herpes. Problems can be avoided if competently to tackle that issue. In our Beauty Salon we can recommend a course of treatment (before and after the procedure), which suppress the herpes virus.

Permanent makeup eyebrows (eyebrow tattoo - correction)

The master chooses particular shape of the eyebrows, as well as the shape of the lips and contour of the eyes only with the desire of client. And only then the master makes adjustments, to make lines smooth and symmetrical.
The permanent make-up eyebrows is divided into two main types:

  • outlined and filled-in eyebrows;
  • stroked eyebrows (natural appearance).

Permanent make-up eyes (eyelid tattoo)

Permanent make-up eyelid is used rare, mainly in the form of "arrows". There are two types:

  • natural effect, when the line of eye liner goes only through natural eye lashes line and does not go beyond the outer corner of eye;
  • decorative effect, when the line of eye liner may go over the skin of the upper eyelid over the natural eye lashes line and goes beyond the outer corner of the eye, changing its shape.

How to care for Permanent Make-up

  • перманентный макияжBefore the micropigmentation procedure you should not take alcohol for 24 hours (alcohol increases blood circulation, the lips will bleed more, and color will be filled worse). For the same reasons it is not recommended to take medicines which improve blood supply (like aspirin). Do not drink coffee. It is better not to do permanent make-up during the menstruation, during this period the risk of hemorrhage and pain also increases.
  • When you take care for your face after the permanent make-up procedure you should try not to wet pigmented areas. During 4-5 days after the procedure you should use ointments containing antibiotics, using cotton buds applying entire pigmented area. In order to avoid infection you should not touch your face and do not remove crust.
  • Within 7-10 days after the procedure is not recommended to go to the sauna, swimming pool, solarium or to swim in the sea. Protect your face from direct sunlight; do not do other cosmetic procedures.
  • After 28-30 days after complete healing, if necessary it can be done correction. It is not recommended to apply make-up before complete healing as well.


Exasperation of non quality semi-permanent makeup and tatoo. Correction of other jobs.




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