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Evening make-up
17,00 Eur
Daily make-up 12,00 Eur
Fantasy make-up 28,50 Eur
Podium make-up 35,50 Eur
Wedding make-up with departure 35,00-43,00 Eur

Permanent make-up (for more than one procedure provides a discount)
Eyebrows 120,00 Eur
Lips contour 90,00-170,00 Eur
Pointers from 70,00 Eur
Eyes 100,00 Eur
Birth-mark 14,50 Eur
Correction after one month 20,00-50,00 Eur
Correction after six month 50.00-70,00 Eur

Hairdressing(average length)
Hair-cutting, piling from 20,00 Eur
Coloring in one tone(roots), hair-cutting, styling 35,50 Eur
Highlightning, coloring in one tone, roots from 21,50 Eur
Haircut with hot scissors, included blow dry 28,50 Eur
Solarium (quality tan) Luxura700, 18 minutes 6,00 Eur
Lamination 35,50-70,00 Eur
Cauterization 20,60 Eur
Men's haircut 10,00-15,00 Eur
Styling OT 10,00 Eur
Manicure 7,00-10,00 Eur
Pericure 17,00- 25,00Eur
Gelish 15 Eur

Prices are without VAT

prices are without VAT



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